Wise House Oils Founders

Wise House Oils Founders

We are super duper excited to have you stop by or even better be a part of the Wise House Oils community, which we affectionately call WHO.  WHO is an amazing family some 11,000 members strong.

However, its humble beginnings started in 2012, with the birth of Brian and Jodi McKenna’s first son.  They were delighted to have a child after struggling with infertility and discovering that Jodi had PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome).  Seeking longevity of health for their newborn and a desire on Jodi’s part to leave the house more than once a week, they discovered Thieves essential oil.  For several years they used this oil blend, along with the occasional drop of peppermint and lavender that arrived in their starter kit, until they were introduced to the bigger world of  a Young Living wholesale membership and its benefits.  Can you believe they initially thought there were ONLY 3 oils in the Young Living lineup?


Because of some pretty radical events that occurred in their lives from using Young Living products such as the essential oil blends Valor, M-grain, RC, and supplements such as Agilese, Multrigreens, Comfortone, and Ningxia Red, they became passionate about helping those green behind the ears learn quicker than they had about how to use Young Living products.

Wise House Oils assists members achieve their personal, health, and financial goals, while fostering a village atmosphere.

We at Wise House Oils want you to blossom and grow. One drop can be all it takes to change your life.  And we can’t wait to partner with you.

Welcome to the WHO family!  We are so glad that you came to stay.


The Wise House Oils Community

c/o Brian and Jodi McKenna & Family

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