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Hi! My name is Heather. I’m a Mom, Wife & Beekeeper! I started oiling in 2015, because I was looking for something to naturally relieve Bee Stings, as a Beekeeper Essential Oils should have been a no brainer! Did you know that Honeybees use Essential Oils! Honeybees gather plant based essential oils when they forage. When Honeybees return from foraging they create what is called Propolis. Propolis is a resin that contains approx. 10% Essential Oils. The Essential Oils gathered from foraging greatly contribute and play an important role in the overall health of the Hive.

As a Mom, I was looking for a natural way to keep our little one healthy and boost our immune systems. That’s when I stumbled on to Lavender Essential Oil. In exploring what essential oils were, I learned of the many different uses for Essential Oils and Blends. I also discovered Thieves and fell in Love! In the beginning of my search for good essential oils, I tried various brands. I noticed differences in quality and effectiveness. Which is what lead to me Young Living! The quality was superior & with their Seed to Seal Guarantee I knew I was getting the purest and highest quality essential oils available! Since discovering Young Living I’ve never looked back.

We’re natural Beekeepers, meaning we don’t use any chemicals in our hives. Just as it’s important to keep the chemicals out of our Beehives, it is equally important to keep the chemicals out of our Homes. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing Young Living! I started this journey 4 years ago and we use Oils every day in our home.

I got my starter kit, and began right where you are now, taking this chemical free living things one day at a time, kicking one chemical out of my home at a time. You can do this. It’s about taking small steps, and saying no more. I will not allow these things in my home. You can’t control all the places you are exposed – but you are the gatekeeper of your house. Learn alongside our team. Let us guide you through the process in simple, easy steps. Step 1 is to start with the Starter Kit – a Diffuser and 12 bottles of oil, some of the most common oils on the earth for supporting systems of the body. Let us come alongside you and train you how to kick chemicals to the curb. You can do this!

This is something you NEED to take seriously. No one is watching your home but you. You are the gatekeeper. And I’d be willing to bet my life that there are things in your home right now that you’re exposed to every single day – that could be killing you. And the things is, it’s totally preventable.
Every Oil you use is a Chemical you’re not using!



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"Don't know how I ever managed without OrthoSport! Thanks for introducing me to Young Living!"

Jean W.

"Thieves Coughs drops are amazing & this kid approves!!"

Sarah C.

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