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A Stay at Home Wife and Homeschooling Mom with Autoimmune Trying to Make Healthy Choices

Our son has been struggling with detox issues, fine/gross motor skill delays, and tactile issues for years.  Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements have made a world of difference in his quality of life.  And now that I am encountering Hashimoto’s Disease, Early Menopause and trying to figure all this out with on top of new nutrition guidelines, I’m grateful that I not only have Young Living products to turn to, but I also have a community of like minded people to tap into.  Health and Wellness can be so overwhelming, but when you have a community to be part of, it takes so much of the stress off.


I’d love to offer you support and encouragement along your journey!  I may not know all of the answers, but I would love to help you find them!

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